Big Bro’s Away from Home


Robert Lovell

Mr. Lovell’s Grade 8 advisor group with Big Brothers Henry Gao (12) and Marek Ormerod (12)

Grade 8 students that come to Saints receive something much more than just a great high school education. They receive the opportunity to become a part of the Community. In this frightful, first year of high school, the inductees are granted the chance to be mentored by their Grade 12 equivalents in what is known as the Big Brother Program, which is organized by  Head of Grade 8, Mrs. LeBlanc and Head of Grade 12, Mr. Palmer.

 Big Brother happens almost weekly, depending on the schedule, where 30+ Grade 12s, in pairs, will drop into a Monday’s Grade 8 Advisor Session. During the visit, the mentors will help initiate and mediate intelligent conversation and provide a higher voice that isn’t completely reminiscent of the immediate faculty. The program was established in an attempt to reinforce the successful assimilation of the newer and younger members of Saints.

This alternative voice and the Grade 12s’ perspectives of the school allow new students to experience a more relatable way to thrive in school. Big Brother, Harry Duan explains that, not only is it a positive influence on the lower grades, but that it also “allows the grads to build a deep connection with the new high school students,” which is also important in establishing that confidence gradient that Grade 8s might need.

Similarly, Grade 8, Tony Zhang ,”think[s] it’s a good program,” and that it is “very effective” in terms of mentoring and guiding. Tony’s advisor group is looked after by Grad, Jorge Alamillo. Tony looks forward to seeing his Big Brothers again and, consequently, hopes that he will one day be able to become a Big Brother himself.