Get your purple out; Spirit Day 2015

Grade 12 students, John Yu, Joosung Kim, Wesley Graham, Ezaan Mangalji and Jake Huaser standing up for the LGBTQ+ community.

On Friday October 16th, St. George’s school celebrated its fifth annual Spirit day. The importance of spirit day is to raise awareness about acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

Spirit day started in 2010 when a high school student, Brittany McMillan wanted to remember those LGBTQ+ who lost their lives to suicide. The message she sent was for people to stand for and accept the LGBTQ+ community.

St. George’s is one of the many schools that listened. On the day, all the students are encouraged to come into school wearing a purple shirt. The colour purple represents spirit in the pride flag.

We asked GSA member, Marek Ormerod (12), about the importance of this day, he responded saying,  “Spirit Day is a gateway for people who are unaware of the struggle that the LGBTQ+ community faces to become aware, and to understand that they do need our support as allies. This is especially important  in a same-sex community of 800+ students where homophobic tendencies, like Brian stated in the assembly, can have an indirect impact on certain individuals.

The link to the video from the assembly is here. Shout out to the GSA club for making the video!