Saints Snapchat Filter!


The Creator! – (Chris Kwon)

Have you checked out the Snapchat filter of St. George’s School? It was only a week ago when Xavi Delgado (11) got his custom filter approved by Snapchat. Word spread quickly and hundreds of people knew about it on the same day of approval. As expected, Xavi felt really excited and is “looking forward to seeing other designs students have in store.” He has started a trend from this rather brave initiative.

For starters, Snapchat is a simple social media that is dominated by photos. ‘Snap’ a photo, add filters by choice, and either send it to selected friends or everyone by setting it as a ‘story.’ This custom filter designed by Xavi is a cartoon-like outline of the St. George’s Junior School. It can be used in either the Senior School or the Junior School by swiping right or left after a photo has been taken in Snapchat.

Jay McCauley(11) smiling for the photo! (Chris Kwon)
Jay McCauley(11) smiling for the photo! (Chris Kwon)

To those who are wondering why there isn’t a filter that displays the Senior School, lots of other students are working on that.