GPACS is Back in Action!

The GPACS Human Rights Committee in the process of brainstorming ideas for possible events

The Global Perspectives and Community Service Club has begun once again, hoping to build off its enormous success last year and improve its operations throughout the 2015-2016 year. The club, which is open to students of all grades, is comprised of four distinct committees: economics, environment, human rights and health. Each of the committees, while distinctly different from one another in terms of focus, is united by a common mission statement. Andrew Tsai, the 2015-2016 Service Learning Prefect, shared his sentiments about the importance of the club. “GPACS is a big part of service learning here at Saints. Its primary mission is to educate and affect change within the school and greater community through meaningful initiatives.”

GPACS has been known in past years for its students’ commitment to raising awareness for local and international issues that society faces today. The various committees spend much of their time in meetings brainstorming and collaborating with the other members of the club. Then, once an idea is fully developed, the students work tirelessly to create resonating events to educate the school, often incorporating opportunities for students and teachers to directly participate. Because of these efforts, GPACS is one of the most popular and enjoyable clubs in the school.

If you’d like to find out more about GPACS or join the club, contact Andrew Tsai or stop by one of the meetings. Everyone is welcome! Committee rooms are as follows, every Tuesday at lunch:

Economic Issues: Room 211
Environmental Issues: Room 106
Health: Room 128
Human Rights: Room 109