Let the games begin; Investment Club 2015/2016.

The Norris Theatre where the club meets every Friday at Lunch

On Friday, September 25th the Investment Club at St. George’s held its inaugural meeting for the 2015/2016 school year. The investment club is one of the most popular clubs at St. George’s. It is an exciting fun way to switch gears and get academic stress off your plate.

The Investment Club keeps students on their toes and challenges everyone to make smart conservative decisions with the money they have to spend on stocks. In the process, students get to learn the terms and ideas behind a business which is a useful piece of knowledge to have for the future. The club is a student run organization with executive leaders organizing and running the club. This years Leaders are: Ty Zhang, Andrew Mo, Bill Lou, Jimmy Teng and Jack Wang.

Last year, the Investment club made a profit over $2000. The tradition in the club is to come together at the end of the year and decide upon an organization to which they will donate their profits . Last year, the club donated their profits to 3 different non profit organizations.   Last May, the club got invited to visit the new Telus Garden building in downtown Vancouver. It was an exciting experience for the club members.

This year, the inaugural meeting was packed with 6o plus students. The room was almost overflowing with ambitious new members eager to learn about the world of investment. It is very exciting to see how many new students are keen to become part of a very interesting club.

The Investment Club meets every Friday at 1:15 pm. Ty Zhang, president of the club, has been involved in the investment club since he was in Grade 9. When asked why the Investment Club is so popular in the school, Ty replied, “The unique thing about the Investment Club is its ability to connect students from across grade levels, especially with the younger grades as they all begin to engage in the Saints community outside of the classroom. The Investment Club is one of the few structured clubs and the only with a $50,000 portfolio, it has rightfully become the premier destination for Friday lunchtimes and I am incredibly proud to witness its continued success.”

Good luck to everyone involved in the Investment Club this year.