5 Mountain Rippers: RBC GranFondo 2015

Dylan Rupnow and Brodie Nauss on the Sea to Sky Highway

On September 12th, 2015, five grade 11 students, Dylan Rupnow, Konrad Swic, Brodie Nauss, Nick Varbioff and Will Andrews participated in annual RBC GranFondo. The RBC GranFondo is a bike race from Vancouver to Whistler Village.

The Sea to Sky highway that connects Vancouver to Whistler is a very taxing highway. Heading up to Whistler is straight uphill with many twists and turns. It is a true endurance test, although with the beautiful scenery it is hard not to stay motivated.

Will Andrews finished with an impressive time of 4:22:12. The average time for a car to get from Vancouver to Whistler is around two hours. The other four boys finished the race at around the 5:38:00 mark. These are impressive results for these 16 year old teenagers.

Congratulations boys!