Crofton-Saints MUN: Round 2

Gr. 10 student Chris Pang giving directions to his committee

On April 21st, the second CSMUN of the year took place at Crofton House School after the usual school day.

On this special day, the sun was bright and the weather was warm. This however, did not last as rain started to drizzle as the day went on. Similar to the previous CSMUN held a few months back, this CSMUN also had committees ranging from the beginner level to more advanced levels. The committees included: African Union (AU) for beginners, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for more seasoned MUNners and Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) for the experienced veterans. As saints delegates arrived at Crofton, the weather took a turn for the worse. Even though the weather was gloomy and bitter, delegates were still filled with excitement as the second CSMUN of the year commenced. In the AU, delegates that were new to MUN discovered the intensity of MUN debates and the skills needed for drafting a resolution. Similarly, NATO was filled with delegates of all skill levels as well as a highly dedicated Dais. Last but not least, the JCC was split into two blocs where they were put against each other in a simulated crisis scenario. Although committees were at times “rowdy”, delegates were able to control themselves and act accordingly. The grads in charge of organizing the event took a break from all the hard work and enjoyed the fruit of their labor as they moved in and out of different committees.

Grade 10 delegate Michael Lau commented: “This is a fantastic way to end of the MUN season. I have learnt so much from both my peers and my teachers. This CSMUN was great because we had the most amazing staff and pizza for dinner. It could not have gone better!”

As delegates poured their hearts and souls into CSMUN, dinner was around the block; literally. One by one, boxes of Domino’s Pizza arrived bringing along the aromatic smell of pepperoni, cheese and pineapples among others. Both the teachers and students were anxiously waiting for the warm and filling meal. Finally, committees were dismissed for dinner and delegates and staff alike rushed to get their piece of pie. After dinner, committee sessions resumed with less than an hour to go until the end of CSMUN. Despite being a MUN, the awards aspect was removed seeing that it was a learning experience.

A warm thank you to the teacher sponsors and grads from both schools for taking time out of their day, spending months to plan out the logistics and making the second CSMUN of the year possible!