Appreciating the Real Saints

On Friday March 6th, St. George’s School had their annual teacher appreciation day. Every year the Students and their families organize a day to bring in food and treats for the staff to enjoy. This display of affection is meant to show the staff how much the school community appreciates them. When Zach Levin, a grade 12 student, was asked why St. George’s has this day he said: “The teachers do so much for us students that one day where we give back to them is the least we can do.”


The staff of St. George’s goes far above and beyond the job description. They spend many of their lunch hours helping students with tutorial or allowing them to re-write tests. The staff members are not just teachers, but also mentors and friends. They give the students amazing amounts of respect and treat them as though they are adults and not children. They do an incredible job of preparing the students for life after high school no matter what they chose to pursue. The students leave the school with life long friendships and skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.