Backpack Buddies takes Action!

A Backpack Buddies volunteer socializes with a child.

Backpack Buddies Program

A Backpack Buddies volunteer socializes with a child.

St. George’s is the home of many wonderful projects and people: just this year, the Service Learning Committee joined the flagship Backpack Buddies program and many people are captivated in assisting in this program. Winter season is approaching just around the corner and Vancouver is bound to get some gnarly weather all throughout the few months that is ahead.

Grade 10 students along with the Service Learning Committee started a year-long Service Learning Program that focuses the issue on Food Security. Food Security refers to the consistent access to safe and nutritious food.

You may ask: “Well, what is backpack buddies and what does it do?”, that’s a great question! Well, the Backpack Buddies program delivers backpacks full of food for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and 2 snacks to elementary aged students at a local school:  the supplement amount of food for a weekend. The food is easily consumable, child-friendly and has all the nutrition a child needs for a weekend.

St. George’s Grade 10 students along with students other local high schools will be helping the Backpack Buddies program all throughout this year, rotating through advisors every 2 weeks.  Backpack Buddies food bags would be distributed in local elementary schools in need. Andrew Mo, the head of the Service Committee in Grade 10 quotes: “Backpack Buddies is a wonderful program which enables the members of our grade to take up initiative and responsibility. With over $1200 raised, more donations still trickling in and 32 Backpacks already delivered to our Buddies, the Grade 10 Service Committee would like to thank everyone whose support made this effort possible: advisor teachers, parents, and most importantly, the grade 10 students.”

St. George’s School Grade 10s began this program on November the 6th 2014 and has been continuing at a successful and sturdy pace.  The school is accepting all food and cash donations at the moment, if you have anything to donate: please contact Ms. Morris, the head of Service Learning at Saints.   If you want to contact Ms. Morris about donations or if you have any questions about this amazing program, contact her through her email: [email protected] !  To visit the Backpack Buddies of Vancouver, visit this link.

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