Socks of Saints

St. George’s has many long-standing traditions, one of which is wearing a uniform. The boys must wear a white dress shirt, school tie, grey pants, black belt, black publishable shoes and grey socks. Lately part of this tradition has received a bit of “alteration” on the part of the students. Some of the boys have started coming to school wearing colourful or fun socks instead of the conventional bland and boring grey. It can be difficult for the students to express their personal sense of style under the strict dress code St. George’s adheres to, so the wearing of these socks is a discrete way for them to show their inner creativity. This trend is most prominent in the senior grades but some of the younger students have been trying their ‘feet’ at sneaking these colorful socks past the watchful eyes of the staff. With that said even some of the staff have started to partake in this new movement. The most recent development in this sock phenomenon is the creation of an Instagram account titled “Socks of Saints” in which various socks worn by both teachers and students alike are displayed for all to see. The founder of this account remains anonymous but the bio they have given this page sums up their cause perfectly, it reads: “ At Saints, great socks are often times the only way one is able to express themselves. Here, we display the style of St. George’s, one sock at a time.”

Click here to view the Socks of Saints Instagram account.