Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees – Right?

Tree of Hope (Concept art logo)

Environmental Stewardship: A school strategic plan item under Priority C: A Boy of the World. With the humans’ ever increasing level of carbon footprint affecting the planet, global climate change is becoming inevitable. This horrendous reality can be mitigated, if not prevented by undertaking these essential steps presented by Mrs. Suzanne Dill:

  1. Devoting time to connect with Nature physically, mentally and spiritually.
  2. Discovering your responsibility as a steward of Nature.
  3. Developing a mutual respect for Nature

Ms. Dill is the Head of Environmental Stewardship (ES) and this year tasked with ensuring the school develops a shared vision for ES and the creation of an action plan for academics and operations. Much of this work will be done in consultation with staff and faculty across both campuses as well as including opportunities for student input.  Related to that is the role of the new prefect position for ES. The prefect assigned to this position has been tasked with supporting student engagement in environmental initiatives as well as working to create a student leadership committee structure that includes all grades. Ms. Dill will be working with Mr. Gary Kern (Director of Learning) specifically on the academic plan and, Mr. Neil Piller (Director of Operations) on the operations plan. A Boy of the World includes ES and that means that all the students will one day become responsible stewards that attend to the well-being of our planet. Through guidance and education, the school hopes to achieve a mindset that allows for the students to make more responsible environmental decisions. Being aware of how one’s own actions impact the environment is the foundation to being a resourceful steward. “You have to be with it, to appreciate it”, said Mrs. Dill, “getting outside is an important part of ensuring students have a strong connection to the environment and an understanding that they play an important role in protecting it.” This year involves a great deal of collaboration with staff, students and faculty that make up our school community so that the plans which are developed reflect the goals of our community and its strategic plan. The 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years will be focused on implementation. The various operational departments will be setting a few goals for each year and those will be visible to all through a new webpage to be completed in the new year. Students will also start to see a “green” logo around campus which will identify ES initiatives and work to help make connections between operations and learning.