Not Just A Tradition: The First Assembly

This year, the prefects are as wise as they are handsome!

As the summer comes to an unfortunate close, a new school year has begun here at St. George’s School. This past Wednesday was the first day of school, and hundreds of students flocked back into the school after a relaxing two-month vacation. With many new faces and many familiar ones, this 2014-15 school year will be met with excitement.

This Friday, September 5th marked the foremost of many formal assemblies of the new school year, held in the roomy Dixon Gym. For those who are new or are unfamiliar with the schedule, every Friday a school-wide assembly is held where announcements are made and members of the Saints community are honored. From guest speakers to breaking news, the Friday assembly always boasts a lot of surprises.

The assembly started with the teachers filing into the gym in black robes, a tradition here at St. George’s. The St. George’s students sat in anticipation, whilst the melody of the Saints hymn echoed throughout the gym.

When everything had settled down, Headmaster Dr. Matthews officially kicked off the assembly with a speech in honor of the new year. “As like every year, I will start off simple: Do your best.” Dr. Matthews then encouraged all the students to make the best of their time at St. George’s, and his message certainly got through to the entire school.

Principal Lawrence followed up by introducing the 15 new faculty members joining the St. Georges staff, and Mr. Palmer then announced the 12 senior students that will be leading the school this year, serving as heads of various student body departments.

But the highlight of the assembly in the eyes of many was head boy Quinton Huang’s speech. Prior to his speech, Quinton had just received an award for scoring 100% in multiple entrance exams. Nicknamed “Q-Bomb”, Quinton seemed very confident as he took the podium for the first time as the school’s new head boy.

“I am very humbled to be standing here as your head boy today,” he started off. Quinton continued by extending his gratitude towards the Saints community and giving the students of every grade a piece of advice. He used writing a story that revolved around a central character as a metaphor for what you should try and accomplish at your short time here at Saints. Of the many things he said, he mentioned that the 5 years you spend here are very short, and that everyone should make the most of what they have. Quinton told the students to do things outside of their comfort zone, and push themselves to their limits.

As he concluded his speech, Quinton received a standing ovation from the entire school. As the deafening applause faded away, this marked the end to the first formal assembly of the year.