Sea to Sky: Surfing in Tofino

Hunter L. and Jack C. riding the waves in Tofino

On Tuesday, May 6th, nine St.George’s (Saint’s) students, accompanied by two of their instructors departed Vancouver for Tofino on Vancouver Island. They made up the inaugural group in Saint’s Outdoor Education, Tofino Sea-to-Sky Surfing trip.

For four nights, students tented in the wilderness in the Bella Pacifica Camp Ground just 100 meters away from the beach. Days were well structured, as campers were allowed ample time to enjoy what the campsite had to offer, while participating in outside activities, followed by their daily surfing adventure.

Every morning, campers would cook their own pre-planned breakfast, have free time to enjoy the beach and ventured into the wilderness. After that, a rundown of the day’s activities was provided, including a hike, a visit to the Eucelet aquarium, and fun at the beach. Lunch was another student-prepared venture. The afternoon agenda was taken up with surfing.

The group spent two to three hours each day in the water. After suiting up in their wet suits, students received lessons in surfing that pushed them physically and mentally. In a matter of just three days, students went from riding whitewash, to riding full waves – up to seven feet in height – in the deeper sections of the beach. Overall, students thoroughly enjoyed the entire surfing experience!

The St. George’s School Outdoor Education Department’s Tofino Sea-to-Sky Surfing trip was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn new skills, make new friends, and blow off steam before exams. It allowed students to learn about the environment through hikes and trips to the aquarium, and also to understand more about their physical abilities through the challenge of surfing. Hopefully, the success of this first event will help ensure the participation of many future Saint’s students to come.