Zedion in the house


Zedion, also known as. grade 11 Jordan Liu, is an avid teenage electronic dance music maker. He creates house, dubstep, trance, and he tries to experiment with different genres but labels them as electronic. He creates music frequently and all his songs can be downloaded and accessed on his Soundcloud and Youtube. However, Zedion prefers Soundcloud more and updates much more often then on his Youtube account. He currently has 305 followers and 20 tracks on his Soundcloud. Zedion makes his own originals but has made remixes of a pop song and the national anthem. Jordan is one of this years Rigg scholars for visual arts and his artwork and music can be seen and heard in the upper great hall.

The Creed had a chat with Zedion to ask a few questions:

T.C: When did you first get interested in electronic music?

Zedion:  When i was going into grade 10, before that, I actually never looked into electronic music at all, and I didn’t pay any attention to the genre either. I knew there was some kind of electronic music, but i never really knew what t it was, I only listened to pop but i always loved futuristic and techno stuff, so even today I’m surprised that I was never into electronic music.

T.C: Who or what go you interested in this genre of music?

Zedion: In the summer going into grade. 10, when I was at my cousin’s place, he was talking to me about dubstep and that he really liked it. It got me interested too, so when i went on the computer, I went on youtube and searched up “how to make dubstep,” and went on from there.

T.C: Do you have any inspirations in the EDM scene?

Zedion: My biggest inspiration used to be deadmau5, who’s canadian, and a not so famous (also canadian) producer named Tristam. However in the last year he became a lot more known. Now, after looking into the edm scene, you discover so many more dj/producers out there, many or most of them either have a unique style, or have an amazing phylosophical background, or are actually really nice people, and it’s hard to not like them all

T.C: Where do you see yourself in the future with this?

Zedion: Im beginning to learn to DJ, so when I become proficient with my equipment I hope to DJ at occasions whenever possible, such as dances, fairs.


Saints is extremely lucky to have such a young and talented music maker in the school and his works can be heard in the links below!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/zedion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZedionMusic

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZedionOfficial

Bandcamp: zedion.bandcamp.com