Saints Relay for Life fundraiser

Relay of Life hopes to create a tradition similar to the Terry Fox Run.

Relay of Life hopes to create a tradition similar to the Terry Fox Run.

On May 23rd, a several hour relay run will take place at St.  George’s School to raise awareness and money for leukaemia and lymphoma.  Anyone can participate in the event as long as he is in a group of 10-15 people.  Together, this group is expected to raise a minimum of $100.  The Saints relay run is the grad class’ way of leaving a legacy gift for the school and is meant to raise awareness of cancer as it has impacted many lives in our community.

The idea came up around January, right around when Head Boy, Matthew Boroditsky, finished his last lymphoma treatment.  He, along with the Health Service committee, felt that they needed to make a big fundraiser, one that Saints has never done before, to raise money for this cause that affects both our local and global community.  The Relay’s mission statement is: “Relay for Life symbolizes and honours a cancer patient’s journey .  For thousands of Canadians fighting cancer right now, their journey is long and hard.  From the shock of initial diagnosis, through days of treatment and long nights that follow them, cancer never sleeps, so neither do we.”

Boroditsky had this to say about the event: “I personally see this fundraiser as an opportunity to give back to the wonderful organization that helps so many people with this deadly disease.  Cancer is usually a word surrounded with mortality and sorrow; however, we want the Relay for Life to rather be a celebration of life and a way to recognize all the support and camaraderie we have in our community.”

Both the school captain at Southridge School and Boroditsky were diagnosed with cancer.  They have been battling this illness over the past several months in their senior year.  They have faced firsthand what it is like to fight against this diease while at the same time leading school.  Those are some of the more meaningful connections that emphasized why they wanted to spearhead this fundraiser.  Anybody from any grade or within the community can help the cause.

To get involved with the Saints Relay for Life, please contact Head of Service, Ms. Heather Morris, Matthew Boroditsky or the GPACS Health Committee.