Boarding House Epidemic

A Close Up view of the inside of a chicken pox.


A Close Up view of the inside of a chicken pox.

Prologue:  During the first few weeks after winter break a sickness made its way into the boarding house, starting out as an isolated incident, the Chicken Pox virus quickly spread, affecting everyone in the boarding house in an ongoing epidemic. The boys who were directly targeted by the virus showed great courage and perseverance halting the virus in its tracks.

” I remember waking up in bed with a towel wrapped around my brow feeling cold as ice” -Jay Jung.

“His body was on fire and he looked like he had just been to hell and back” – Noah Taranow.


This is a healthy chicken
This is a gross chicken


Part 1: The gaucho strikes back.

435 BC

Hundreds of years ago in a small rural village in Mexico three young chicitos started an alliance to rid the their  town from the evil hermano. They created a virus derived from the chickpea seed that would transform their enemies into chickens. Today, the virus has spread globally and occasionally makes it way to Canada where it strikes terror in the youngsters.

January 13th, 2014

At the start of term two Arturo Ramirez came back from Mexico carrying with him a virus similar to the chicito virus. Arturo was unaware of his affliction, his arrival to the boarding house was seamless, no one would have been able to foresee the terror that was about to unfold.

January 24th, 2014

I woke up late one night; suffering from a nightmare. The usual sounds of the boarding house were absent the faint humming of the bathroom fan was replaced with a roaring grumble down the hall.  The next day rumours of a sickness had started on the third floor, Arturo Ramirez (Grade 9 Student) was staying home from school.


February 12-19th, 2014

Three weeks later the disease had taken its toll outside of the boarding house too, Edison Jin (Grade 11 Student), once a master Counter Strike: GO player and beloved Heart2Heart director was merely a husk of the man he once was.  The disease had spread to many poor souls, and Edison was just the first of many.

February 27th, 2014

Roy Wei (Grade 11 Student) was enjoying a League of Legends ranked game, when he noticed a strange mark on his chin, reflected off his Diamond Elo Border. He realized what was happening, and rushed to the bathroom, but it was too late, he was infected. Condemned to in the nurses office, he spent the next 2 weeks recovering from the infection. Blinded by his infection, his elo entered a downward spiral. However, he prayed to Lee-Sin, patron saint of the blind, and his vision was restored. After 2 long weeks, him and his elo were both fully recovered.

Part 2: The False Prophet

A Strong Villain, but with his own weakness.
A Strong Villain, but with his own weakness.

March 2nd, 2014

Deep in the rat’s nest that is the 2nd floor of the boarding house, Jay Jung (Grade 11 Student) was cooking up a diabolical plan. As a young buck Jay Jung always dreamed of being a master Yu-Gi-Oh player. His dual disk was tricked out with all the “phreshest” trap cards and he even had a Limited edition reflective foil Chinese print Blue Eyes White Dragon Promo Card. All he needed to fit in with the other Yu-Gi-Oh duelist was bad skin and excess grease. Chicken Pox was the perfect way to get both. Jay Jung tried hanging out with the other duelists, but just like Syndrome in the Incredibles, he was rejected. So, following in Syndromes footsteps he became a Yu-Gi-Oh Master on his own, vanquishing all the other duelists with powerful blasts of raw kimchi. However, just like the Incredibles Family, Josh Sagredo and Noah Taranow saw through his ruse, beating him in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel to the death. Unfortunately, Noah loved Jay like his son, and just like Lord of the Rings where the king can’t toss the ring into the volcano, he spared Jay’s life. However, the truth was revealed to all, Jay Jung never had Chicken Pox. He was striped of his duel disk and the shiny foil on his Blue Eyes White Dragon was scraped off. The False Prophet faced retribution and he was cast into the Abyss of Demons, where he belonged, never to return.

March 11th, 2014

Peace was finally restored to the Boarding House, and the evil chicito virus was destroyed. The true duel masters, Tony Li (Grade 11 Student) and Josh Sagredo resumed their quest for the title of King of Children’s Card Games. About Jay’s deception, Josh said “I truly believed he had chicken pox the whole time, but he lied to all of us. He spat in our faces.” All is not at peace in the Boarding House however, legend says that one day Jay Jung will return…

Part 3: A New Hope, or a Storm on the Horizon?

Jay Jung (Artist’s Depiction)