Boarders Bond on Gambier Island

A weekend at Camp Latona

Boys and staff spend some time relaxing on the water trampoline.

To start off the school year, the boarding community of St. George’s spent the weekend connecting at Camp Latona, on Gambier Island. Accompanied by the outdoor education staff and houseparents, the boarders spent the weekend doing a number of activities, from canoeing and kayaking to climbing high ropes and simply spending time with each other. On Friday, the boarders left the Senior School and bussed towards Squamish, before stopping to load their gear and themselves onto a boat. Once at Camp Latona, they received their house assignments (Maitland, Sweeney, Robinson and Hunter) to compete for the prestigious Harker Hall Cup. After a game of capture the flag, they finished off the night around the campfire.

On Saturday morning, the boarders were divided into groups.  They spent time playing games, getting to know each other and learning about leadership. Then, they finished off the night with a delicious steak dinner and enjoyed some quality time playing board games and watching movies. On Sunday morning, it was time to head home. The boarders loaded their supplies back onto the boat, and headed home to Harker Hall. The first trip of the year for the Harker Hall community set the tone for a great year of boarding.