10 “A” Defeats King David


Jennifer Torry

Coach Tweedle addresses the team at half-time.

The St. Georges 10  “A” soccer team took on King David Highschool last Friday. It was a highly tempered affair but Saints came out victorious in the end. Coming off of a 7-0 lost to WPGA, Saints desperately needed the three points. It was a rough start to the season and being shutout was yet another uninspiring fact from the performance. Coming into their second game of the season, Saint’s primary goal was to not be shutout for the second straight match.


After the final minute, the referee blew the whistle signaling for a penalty shootout. Saints goalkeeper Lochlann Macdonald stepped up to take the first shot but was stopped by his King David counterpart. After the longest minute of the boy’s lives, Saints Forward Lawson Graham stepped up and slotted away his penalty the pressure was on McDonald to put the game away. With his stop on the last shot Saints came out victorious.


After a “nail-biter” penalty shootout,  Saints came out with their first win of the season. Saints will be traveling to Brentwood on Sept. 28-29 for the annual ISA tournament.