Ping Pong, Rally On


Noah Strang

Some students playing ping pong in the Great Hall.

St. George’s has achieved plenty of athletic awards and achievements and that has continued this season as the school once again has achieved plenty of athletic success. In this spirit, the St. George’s teachers and students have started a ping pong tournament using the ping pong tables that have been set up in the lower great hall. This is a chance for St. George’s staff and students to compete against each other, and ignite a few friendly rivalries. The tournament uses a bracket style, and students from any grade in the school could sign up. Plenty of kids from 8-12 all joined, and many staff members were added to the bracket as well. Players from all skill levels are participating and competing against one another, and the result has been in many people appreciating ping pong in a way they never have before. One of the competitors, grade 11 student Sho Matsuyama had a lot to say about the tournament. Sho mentioned that he “has a higher chance of joining the ping pong team after this tournament”, and “he has made some new friends in the lower grades through this tournament”. Jacob Pallai, another grade 11 student and one of the most skilled ping pong player expressed similar feelings about the tournament, calling it a “terrific experience so far” among other praises.


The ping pong tournament has been a massive hit and has even sparked an interest in ping pong for some students. Multiple students mentioned they were interested in possibly participating in the ping pong tournament next season, and many more expressed regret that they did not sign up. The ping pong tournament has been a massive hit and will have even more participants when it comes back next year.