Georgian Games – Generations of Georgians Come Together

Remembrance Day is known at St. George’s School as a time to come together as a community and remember those who gave their lives in WWII and those who returned home and battled the rest of their lives, reliving the horrors men and women shouldn’t ever endure. A long-standing tradition at the school, along with the ceremony, is a series of friendly games played between Georgians of the past and those of the future.

While soccer and touch rugby are played out on the sports fields, ball hockey and basketball are played within the gyms. With the sun shining during this past Remembrance Day, the turnout was better than organizers were expecting. Approximately 300 people showed up between the 4 sports. All the sports were played in good spirit however, there was an element of competitiveness between the more recent graduates and their younger counterparts.

With another successful Remembrance Day and Georgian Games completed at the school, the St. George’s community as a whole looks forward to more opportunities for everyone to come together and celebrate such a historic school