Athlete Of The Week: Keith Chow

Keith dribbles the ball into the opposition’s half.

This week’s Athlete Of The Week features one of the Varsity Basketball team’s co-captains and also provides a wrap up for the basketball season. Keith Chow and the Varsity Basketball team just finished a successful season that included a sixteen point victory over the number one ranked Vancouver College Fighting Irish.

Similar to most athletes, Keith got started in basketball when he was very young. “Well, when I was one years old my parents put a ball in my hand. Apparently I was hooked, but I don’t remember (that clearly).” Keith has also explored endeavours in basketball outside of the school. ” I played in the summers of my first three years in high school. I played for AllBall Academy. We travelled to Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas for tournaments. Last year I played for Vancouver Sports Club which basically merged with AllBall.” Keith also wishes to continue his basketball career upon graduating in June. “I see myself playing basketball (at university). I’m planning on trying out for whichever University I go to, but if I don’t I’ll definitely be playing inter-murals. Basketball is a big part of my life.”

Keith has highlighted the school’s basketball program as one that he believes is one of the best in the province. “I think the school’s basketball program is great. I wouldn’t choose any other one. We have access to two beautiful gyms and trainers that will get us stronger in the weight room. We have some of the best opportunities in the province. I’d like to say that I’ve used them to the best of my ability.”

“There is a lot of support from the school basketball community. There are a lot of passionate players and teachers. Also, the school brought us down to Seattle during the summer to get us playing before our season started. It helped us bond as a team.” Keith has also expressed his utmost gratitude for the coaches and training staff at the school. “The coaches we have through the program are all the top coaches in the province. I had coach Disbrow for two and a half years since he called me up in my junior year to play provincials with the senior team. Ever since then he became a father-like figure to me. He’s shaped not only my basketball game, but my personality as well. He is one of the most famous coaches in the history of British Columbia, so I was definitely lucky to have him.”

Keith reflected on his last high school season as one of the best he has ever had. “It was by far the best season I’ve ever had performance wise and team chemistry wise. Our team clicked really well and had lots of fun together. Also, we beat VC by sixteen which was the only time I’ve ever beat VC in my high school career. VC was even ranked #1 in the province. It was a very successful season.” Keith also spoke about the goals for this past season. “As captain my goal was to be the best leader I could be. It’s not so much quantifiable, but I did my best leading vocally and by example. The only individual goal I had was to shoot above 90% from the free throw line. I think I succeeded, but I didn’t really focus on myself this season. I truly just cared about how the team functioned.” Keith was satisfied with how the season played out but also knew it was not going to be an easy one. “We knew coming in to the season that Lower Mainland’s was the toughest zone in the province. Only three teams from our zone qualify for provincials and 4 of the top 10 teams in the province are from this zone. I expected us to have a good chance to get out. Unfortunately, some teams just outplayed us and our season ended short.”

Keith wanted to leave this message to the readers as a part of his final reflection of the season. “This season went by so quick. If you’re a senior, enjoy the season as much as you can. Also, however well your team does, you’ll forget about the wins and losses. When your old you will remember the memories you make with your team so just try to have as much fun as possible. I think our team had a lot of fun times so it was a great season in my opinion. Beating VC was just an extra bonus.”