Gym Culture

The St. George’s School gym

The St. George’s School gym (fitness center) is a facility where students, staff, faculty and alumni workout to achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s building strength and speed for rugby, or working on cardio for cross-country, the gym is accommodating to whatever your goals may be.

Keegan and Owen are two students currently in grade eleven at St. George’s School. They choose to workout to improve their performance in sports, and improve their physiques. “My goal is to gain weight, improve my stature and get bigger so I perform better in rugby,” stated Keegan. “I choose to workout to gain some strength and improve speed because it is very key with the sports I play, which are rugby, basketball and cross country,” replied Owen.

Something that comes up on the topic of working out is supplement use. Are supplements worth the money? Do supplements give a superior advantage to making gains in the gym? Keegan stated, “I am invested in supplement; pre-workout and protein powder just because I’ve done some research and these products will improve my results in the gym.” On the other hand, Owen stated, “You do you; if you want to take supplements, it’s your choice. They’re expensive so I don’t feel the need to buy them and I do fine without them.”

At the gym, we see lots of different people working out.  The Creed wanted to determine what motivates people to actually workout. A question that is brought up is, do you feel obligated to workout because of peer pressure or because your friends/teammates are? “No, it’s not really peer pressure but motivation from other people in the gym. Other people put work in so I want to also,” stated Keegan.

To summarize, the St. George’s School gym is a healthy, positive learning environment, which aids students in reaching their fitness goals. The assistance of trainer Jesse Tupper along with motivation from other students creates a positive atmosphere that is important to being successful in the gym.