Head of Fraser Fours Regatta 2014

Junior A Rowers warming up

October 5 2014, the St. George’s Junior A and B rowing teams competed in the Head of Fraser Fours Regatta at the John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse. The competition included Vancouver College, Thunderbirds, and Delta Rowing Clubs. The race consisted of a head race of 3.5 km as well as a 500 m sprint. There were two flights, the first flight included Junior B 8+’s, Junior B 4x+’s, and Junior A 4+’s and the second flight included Junior A 8+’s.

The St. George’s Rowers arrived 8 o’clock in the morning at the UBC Boathouse in their racing unisuits. Everyone was listening to music or chatting with others to be relaxed and ready for their races. An hour later, the rowers placed their boats on the water and began to warm up for their race with a series of drills directed by the coxswains. At 9:46, the races began. Two St. George’s Junior B Eights competed in the same event and the St. George’s Junior B Bow 1 team won the event with 12:08.0 for the head race and 1:30 for the 500m sprint. Meanwhile, the second St. George’s eight came second in that event.

Next, 4 St. George’s Junior A Mens 4+ teams competed in their event. The St. George’s (1) team won first in the event with an overall time of 14:06.4. and 2 other St. George’s boats came second and third.

St. George’s had a double compete in the Junior Open Mens Double and they won with a time of 15:21.71,  beating the second place team, Vancouver College, by 33 seconds.

Furthermore, St. George’s teams competed in two events in the second flight, the Junior A Mens 8+ and the Junior B Mens 4+. In the Junior A Mens 8+ race, two St. George’s teams competed and one of the St. George’s teams won the event by beating VC by 34 seconds. For the Junior B Mens 4x+, two St. George’s teams competed as well and both teams finished strong with a second and third place finish.

“It is a great way to start the season,” said Junior B coach Teena Schneider. “It was great to see so many athletes out competing!”