Two Saints teams go head to head


Karl Harrison

Grade 10 Chris Bonner crossing the ball into the box

The Saints soccer season is well under way.  The select teams of each respective age group went head to head  in a hard fought battle between two Saints teams.

On Wednesday, September 18th, the 1st XI soccer team played against the Gr.10 Junior A team in a 70 minute match on Nigel Toy field. Unfortunately the younger, less experienced team was unable to pull off an upset.

Right from the start, the junior’s defense was pressed hard as the seniors powered through them with ease. Grade 12, Marc Levin was one of the first to break through the porous defense and ended up being fouled by junior goalie Sam Turner. The 1st XI’s now had a chance to punish the juniors with a penalty kick. Grade 12, Ian Spoor was the one teaching them a lesson as he accurately placed the ball into the bottom left side of the goal. The juniors were eager to retaliate as they drove hard at the senior’s defense. Junior captain, Justin Foti showed his determination by running into open space and receiving a great through ball by fellow team mate Michael Jung.  Immediately Foti took a wicked crack, sending the ball soaring through the air and unfortunately hitting the crossbar.  Grade 11, Jason Morris of the 1st XI responded to Foti with a beautiful one timer shot that sent the ball straight into the back of the net, making it 2-0.   Again, Justin Foti brought up the ball and crossed it, hitting the post, deflecting the ball right to Aankih Kler’s feet.  Kler took a touch, lifted his head and just before he was closed down by a senior defender, he took a hard shot that hit the post once again! The juniors were now getting anxious and one could see it in their play. Aanikh Kler brought up the ball for the juniors last play of the half and crafted a beautiful pass to teammate Michael Tilbury.  Tilbury opened his body up taking a one timer, sending the ball wide.  Grade 12, Braeden Lucas of the 1st XI would show them how it was done as he finished off the half with yet another goal making it 3-0. The second half started off with 1st XI, Theo Sauder taking the driver’s seat. He brought up the ball into the enemy’s territory easily weaving through many inexperienced juniors and ended his play by making the score 4-0.  Grade 11, Ryan Quong followed suit, dividing the junior defense and scoring.  The juniors tried to retaliate only to lose the ball to Theo Sauder who bested the juniors yet again. To cap the win Theo Sauder brought up the ball and made a pass to Phillip Wade that resulted in a Final Score of 7-0 for the seniors.

Following the game, the Junior coach Mr. Bruce Wilson had this to say, “Despite the loss, I’m still proud of them for facing a bigger and more experienced team.  They pushed themselves very hard.”

This weekend the Junior team will be off to the ISA’s at St. Michael’s University school.