Sasquatch: is it real?

Full grown squelch, sad because he is an endangered species.

Full grown squelch, sad because he is an endangered species.

The Sasquatch formerly known as bigfoot has sparked attention worldwide, with thousands of acclaimed sightings in B.C alone. You ask yourself. “Is Bigfoot from outer space ?”, the answer to this question and many more are compiled into my research findings in this article along with the story of my 227 day journey in Squatch Land.

On Wednesday June 2nd 2011 I was invited to an informal meeting regarding a buildup of rubble floating around the far end of Kootenay lake. Doctor Charles Schultz, the town quack, rushed to me after the meeting, his voice was stern but his face remained absent of any emotion, he begged me to accompany him to his Volkswagen. Dr. Charles told me three things of great importance that I still reference today.

1. Bigfoot is real.

2.Bigfoot is not just a big man or a tiny man in a big man suit.

3. Bigfoot is all around us.

The information laid before me was obviously true, but I knew it would take time for the public to recognize, as Dr. Shultz did, the gravity that compelled these statements to reality. That same night I started my research project, my first piece of evidence was gathered from the trash in the rubble on the lake. Beneath countless paper bags and latex gloves was the broken body of a blue heron. The bird had died weeks ago what remained was only a shell of the magnificent endangered species. The wing bones of the bird was fractured in three distinct locations: the front of the wing, the back of the wing, the middle of the wing. Digging through the remaining rubble I located thirty-six blue feathers. The scene before me was of an obvious and brutal struggle between beasts. I thought a rhino or a tiger was surely guilty in slaying the blue heron. That night I researched the web, finding out that neither a rhino or a tiger could have killed the bird. While a rhino may be well-built and heavily armored, with its tough grey body it would lack the strength to snap a heron’s calcium enriched bones. A tiger may be strong and ferocious but with one swipe of the heron’s beak the tiger’s soft body would crumble. It was once again obvious that the real killer was a Sasquatch, the only animal strong enough to kill a blue heron.