Mom Knows Best!

Mom Knows Best!

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Done. Now shower, shower fast! No way I’m going to miss this flight. Oh no I forgot to pack, I’m I that excited? Holy cow! Alright, get it together. What do I need? Hmm, so five days and four nights? Probably six shirts? Two jeans is fine I guess. Do I need fancy clothe for this? No, I’m good, maybe a nice bottom up shirt, yeah, that’ll be enough. Okay, one pair of shoes. I like those but these are so comfy, agh, so difficult to decide, what to I do? Oh well, I guess comfy wins this time, I’ll be doing a lot a walking anyways.

Two thirty already?! Oh no! Hope I catch my four p.m. flight.

“To the airport, please. Step on it I’m super late!”

Hm, okay I think I am going to make it. Good thing I checked in online and I have no bags to check, just my shirts, jeans and shoes. Wait. Shirts. Jeans. Shoes. How could I forget my underwear! Oh this is bad, my mom always told me that is the first thing I should pack. Sorry mom. No going back now.

Made it! Okay, 11C. Nice! That is an aisle seat, I get to stretch my legs for this six-hour flight maybe I’ll fall asleep, maybe, may…

Oh! Here already!? Wow that was a fast. Okay now, customs. Awesome, no bags to pick up so I’m ready to go!

“Hi, mom! Long time no see. You would not believe what I forgot back in my dorm!”

“Don’t worry, son, I have three fresh boxers for you. I knew you’d forget. Now let’s go, everyone is excited to see you!”

“Oh you know me so well. Let’s go, mom! I’ve waited for this for quite some time!”