The MOVE Team; Movember 2015


Left to right. Upper row: Mr. Docherty, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Da Silva, Lucas Murphy, Oliver Buck, Graham Hyslop, Michael Tilbury, Sean Lukas, Tamar Tucker-Harrison, Paul Bains, Mr. Gaffney. Lower Row: Sam Turner, Justin Foti, Spencer Cooper, Nick Kosteckyj, Matteo Aquillini, Koshi Hayward, Adam Radcliffe, Cameron Burian.

During the lunch hour on Friday (November 15), the MOVE team at St. George’s had a game of dodgeball. MOVE is a challenge created by the Movember Canada foundation where you either grow a moustache or do 30 minutes of physical activity each day for all of November. The team will be doing more of these activities during the lunch hours for the rest of the month.