A Lifers’ Reunion

Clockwise from Mrs. Yen: Duncan Stothers, Chris Li, Liam McGillivray, Spencer Louie, Rafi Siy, Herman Lam, Derek Safnuk, Colt Chamberlain, Samm Fulton, Richard Tseng, Fred Lin, Kennedy Chow, Alex Bebb, Ben Stothers, and Chris Milani. Missing: Alan Wong, Jamie Day, Zach Levin. No longer at St. George’s: Dominic Bruce, Brendan Sibthorpe.

On Sunday, March 8, fifteen grade twelve students (who’ve been attending Saints together since grade one) sat down with their first-grade teacher, Mrs. Yen, for a reunion lunch. Organized by Susan Chow, this event allowed these 15 Grads and parents to reminisce with Mrs. Yen about their years here at Saints as “lifers”, and think back to how it all began back in grade one with Mrs. Yen. Mr. Devenish, Principal of the Junior School, was also in attendance. Stay tuned for a future article on the lifers of our school and what it means to be one!