Poetry In Voice: Hamish Wins It all


From April 17-20 Hamish Marissen-Clark competed in the National Poetry In Voice Competition in Toronto. He went through a rigorous qualifying process just to make it to the national competition. First, he won his grade. Following that, he won the school competition and advanced to the regional finals. There were 80 kids competing in the regional finals for only a handful of spots. Hamish won and qualified for Nationals.

Hamish learned and recited three poems: Illegalese: Floodgate Dub, Piling Blood, and From World of Made and Unmade. His poems were performed brilliantly. He credits his success to Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Matthews, and Mr. Wisden. He also says his conversations with poet Adam Sol have impacted him dearly.

Hamish said he wasn’t expecting to win at all when he first entered the contest but as the first round progressed, he thought he had a chance. He made the final 3 and was ecstatic about the opportunity to represent his school at the highest of occasions. He was announced as the winner and he received a $5000 check and $1000 for the school library.

When asked about the experienced, Hamish said that it was “beautiful and stupendously enlightening” and that it was “very rewarding so see [his] hard work payoff.” Good job Hamish!