International Woman’s Day

International Womans Day took place on March 8th

International Woman’s Day took place on March 8th

2018’s Theme “Press for Progress”

Founded 101 years ago, International Woman’s Day is a celebration of woman’s progress in society, offering an opportunity to recognize the work that has been done for gender equality. At Saints, the day has been come especially relevant and endorsed in 2018. Guest presenters, teacher lesson plans, and a learning commons display were just some of the ways that Saints celebrated the day. One student felt “happy” that the day was being discussed so that more people would understand what IWD seeks to promote”.


Social Media led the charge on International Woman’s Day, with singers like Dua Lipa posting a video to her 8 million Instagram followers and Victoria Beckham Tweeting to her over 13 million fans. Every year, the event focuses on one specific theme that is relevant that year. 2018’s theme incorporates last year’s Hollywood assault scandals and the subsequent “Me Too” movement as well as wage parity. Under the banner “#PressForProgress”, the organizers pushed for “colleges and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive”. Many believe that the media climate around sexism in the work place is the reason for movement’s new direction.



International Woman’s Day took place on March 8th

Although first growing out of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, the United Nations’ 1973 decision endorse the event has made it worldwide. Marches took place in Paris and Madrid calling for attention around assault, abuse, and domestic violence. Break through meetings took place in Jerusalem with Israeli and Palestine woman drawing and painting to show support for one another. In Delhi, public protests for stronger rape prevention took place, echoed by similar calls in Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi.


2018’s International Woman’s Day proved that the movement is truly a global one. Supported by the Internet, the movement is larger and more important on the global stage than ever before. With social media spreading across the developing world at record speeds, International Woman’s Day will likely continue to grow into the 2020’s.