Is Technology a Good thing or a Bad thing?

Is Technology a Good thing or a Bad thing?

Our world as young and growing students is changing faster than ever before in every aspect; the way in which we communicate with others and learn in the classroom has gone from simple forms into complex technological ones. In retrospect, technology does reap several benefits that are essential in helping humans survive and thrive. While technology can help students learn in different ways, many tend to overlook that technology has the ability to damage a student’s future and reputation.

Social media, a manner in which humans communicate with each other through the technological wonder of the internet, can be costly if it used in a negative manner. For example, many students have lost their scholarships because of bad behaviour on online platforms.

Yuri Wright, a top high school football recruit back in 2012, retweeted and posted “sexually graphic and racial” remarks that not only costed in a scholarship, but he was also expelled from his high school. Moreover, although Yuri Wright took these tweets down quickly after originally posting, others were able to screenshot the evidence and it was quickly spread; the danger of posting on the internet lies in the fact that once something is published, it truly is published forever.

Social media doesn’t solely hurt students that post unacceptable things or remarks online, but it also hurts established individuals including grown adults, those in the workforce, and even high-level executives like CEOs.

Technology can be especially detrimental for those in the classroom as there are several downsides to acquitting students with technology. Firstly, technology proves to be a major distraction in the classroom; students can lose focus of a classroom lesson simply by wandering on the internet or using social media. Moreover, the social aspect of school has changed remarkably as students can simply be glued on their phones.

Proving that a student’s work is legitimate is becoming harder than ever before; the resources a student can find online are extremely rich and numbered. Students can find complete essays, math answers, and book summaries instantly.

Many students argue the positive side of technology in the classroom as grade 12 Saints student Tom Sun suggests: “Having a computer allows me to be more organized with my assignments and my notes.” Moreover, another grade 12 Saints student Dylan Enright explains that for him, “technology can sometimes steer [him] away from paying attention in class but technology can also help [him] useful resources.“Recent stats done by Statisticbrain demonstrates the positive side of technology:

However, no matter which side one may take when it comes to technology, it is hard to disagree that technology is drastically affecting, whether it be positive or negative, the growing youth.