A Typical (But not so typical) Vancouver April

The spring of 2017 has brought about plenty of rain to the metro Vancouver area. On top of an already late snowfall, the amount of rain the city has received is breaking long-standing records.

The month of March took off with over 200 millimetres of precipitation, upwards of the 115 millimetre average for the month on record. On top of this, a 61-year old mark of daily precipitation at the airport was surpassed as 29.6 millimetres fell March 28th. This breaks the previous record of 25.1 millimetres set all the way back in 1956.

So far this April, up until the 17th, Vancouver has received a little over 103 millimetres of rainfall. This puts us well over the pace of the 108 expected millimetres by the end of the month. Historically, precipitation for the month of April begins to decline later on in the month, but this does not disregard the gloomy and bleak feeling we have experienced for the past while.

The VPD recently issued a warning towards a targeted teen audience after a car crash in the Shaughnessy area (http://www.news1130.com/2017/04/13/warning-teen-drivers-scary-crash-vancouver/) reminding everyone to be safe. While not all automotive accidents can be solely blamed on poor conditions, the rain definitely posed a problem in this instance, which has been one of many since the beginning of this unusual weather period.

Vancouver Weatherstats
Daily precipitation for the month of April.