Richard Ivey Case Competition


This past weekend, students from the St. George’s senior school, and from across Canada, competed in the annual Richard Ivey business competition. Students are split off into groups and given a real-world situation, where they then need to come up with a plausible solution to the problem.

After a keynote presentation from an Ivey admissions officer, the students raced off to their stations within McLean hall and proceeded to spend the next two hours working on their cases. After having done this, each of the 7 groups presented to a panel of judges. After much deliberation, a conclusion was reached:

First place was given to the group of Davin Liu, James Foo, Jason Suyama and Arshan Bains.

Second place was given to the group of Cameron Soregaroli, Sasha Twardowski, Michael Davidson, Michael Lau, and Dylan Rupnow.