Grad Lounge lockout spurs fear among Grade 12 students


A food tray left behind after lunch

On November 3rd, Mr. Palmer, Head of Grade 12, decided that the Grad Lounge was to be closed for the day; forcing grads to seek new places to study, relax, and eat. This shutdown was following a series of reminders from the administration about leaving food trays in the lounge. After lunch periods, one can often find several trays of food lying around. As a response, posts flooded the Class of 2017 Facebook group where several students, as well as members of the Grad Committee, suggested banning Sodexo in the lounge entirely. Others felt it was important to remind students that all they need to do is return their food to McLean Hall. According to one anonymous student: “For the people who keep leaving their trays and food waste and garbage in the grad lounge, this is such a stupid thing to be closing the grad lounge for, it’s so easy to take your trays back to the lunch room and it just ruins it for everyone else.”