Senior Leadership Team takes stern stance on traffic

A cautionary sign displayed in front of the Junior School

A cautionary sign displayed in front of the Junior School

In first term at St. George’s School, the Senior Leadership Team has made every attempt to curb traffic issues around West 29th Avenue. According to Dr. Matthews: “Every year we issue an attempt, usually as a communication to parents, to address this issue. Similarly over the past seven years, in a variety of ways, we have tried to promote the bus system, walking, biking, and carpooling to get to school.”

The Environmental Stewardship team has taken this issue as their main concern for the time being. During Earth Week (April 2016), they conducted a study which produced three key results: Almost 60% of Senior School students live within 5km of the School, 40% of students are driven to school with an additional 14% carpooling, and 35% of students did not know that bus information was posted on the website. Comparably, the team led the National Bike to Work Week from October 24th to 28th to encourage environmental consideration.

This matter has also been considered in discussions about the Campus Master Plan. Similarly to Crofton House School, the new buildings will consist of underground parking, which will significantly reduce the amount of parking required on school grounds. The buses will then be able to stop in front of the school, instead of on the street.

Dr. Matthews’ furthered the importance of this situation in a letter sent to parents: “These concerns are serious because they imperil the safety of children and others.  Nor are they in keeping with our Core Values, most notably respect and responsibility…. I trust that I can count on the support of all members of the St. George’s community as we move forward.”

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