Interested Parents and Students Visit St. George’s School


An example of promotional material highlighting St. George’s core values which is given to interested parents and students. Credit: Communications Department

On October 11th, over 70 prospective parents and students visited the Saints’ senior campus and heard from members of the admissions team. The ‘Information Evening’ was organized by Mr. Gordon Allan, Director of Admissions, Ms. Tracie Watson, Head of Admissions, Ms. Monica Cheng, Admissions Associate, and Ms. Vicky Flanagan, Executive Assistant (Admissions).

The event was supported by a team of over 30 Admissions Ambassadors. There was also a new system unveiled, whereby prospective students could enter a room with current students and ask questions about programs such as: Academics, Arts and Culture, Athletics, Student Life, and University Admissions. According to one interested parent: “It’s a great pleasure to be at St. George’s tonight. Every time we come here, we become more attached to the beautiful facilities and programs.” According to Ms. Tracie Watson: “There was a wonderful energy on campus for the first Admissions Information Session of the year. Feedback from visitors was very positive as they toured the School and engaged in conversation with student ambassadors, parent volunteers, and the Admissions Staff. We were especially pleased to see our visitors take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about opportunities at Saints by speaking one-on-one with ambassadors about various topics such as athletics, clubs and activities, and student life just to name a few.”

This evening is just one of many more to come in the year for the Admissions Department, with the next Open House happening on Thursday, October 27 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am in the Senior School. Ms. Monica Cheng will also be racking up her frequent flyer miles when she travels to Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, and the Yukon for events this month.

For more information from the Admissions Department, please email [email protected] or [email protected].