An Inviting Dinner for New Parents’ at St. George’s School


Members of the Saints Community dining in the Junior School gym

On the evening of September 28th, 300 guests flooded the Junior School Gym for the Annual New Parents’ Dinner. Each year, St. George’s invites all new parents to a celebratory dinner in order to celebrate their induction into the Saints Community. Notable guests included: Dr. Matthews, Mr. Jake Kerr ’61 (Society Board Chair), Members of the Board of Directors, Xavi Delgado (Senior School Captain), Andy Duan (Junior School Captain), and several members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The gourmet, three-course dinner event featured plenty of student involvement. Highlighted was live entertainment by members of the Saints’ band and over 40 grade 8/9 volunteers. This event would not have been made possible without the support of Gillian and Russell Smith, Don Anderson, and Barbara Henning (all current parents) who made up the planning committee.   According to Xavi Delgado, Senior School Captain: “There’s something special about welcoming the parents of children who, effectively, will be the future of our community. It was an absolute honour to speak at the event, and though it is near-impossible to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of the evening, I can confidently say it is the perfect reflection of why I love this school, and all of its members, so much.”

Mr. Jake Kerr, Chair of The Society Board of St George’s School, started off the evening by saying: “I want to welcome each and every one of you to St. George’s this evening.” Mr. Kerr began as a student at Saints in the 1960’s, was a parent in the 1980’s and now his grandchildren have attended the school. Mr. Kerr concluded his remarks by saying to the new parents: “you are now a part of the St. George’s family”.