Chicken or Veggie? The First Samosa Sale of the Year

The team that made the delicious samosa sale happen

As the fresh new school year starts to ramp up, the first samosa sale of the year occurred on Thursday, organized by none other than the Samosa King himself, Monie Tutt. The samosa sales are used to help fund the South Asian Culture club. Monie had this to say about the samosa sales, “The samosa sales are a great fun and cultural event to have. Because school is starting up, people are starting to get really focused on test and quiz scores and samosa sales are a great way to kick back, enjoy some great food, laugh at my silly outfit and shoes and relax with friends.”

The samosa sales have been a huge hit ever since they started and Thursday’s sale was no different as students rushed from all corners of the school when the lunch bell rang to get their hands on some delicious chicken and veggie samosas.

The senior school will anxiously await the return of the Samosa King and another one of his infamous samosa sales.