Movember At Saints 2014

Mr. Proznick sporting his moustache

“Movember” was an idea that was created and developed in 2003 by a group of 30 men in Melbourne, Australia who wanted to raise money for men’s health. Each of the 30 men decided that they would pay $10 to grow a moustache, and because of the enthusiasm that came from it, they decided to make it a worldwide fundraiser. After the first official Movember, over $50,000 were raised for men’s health, which was a good start. However, in the second year, they raised a total of over $1,000,000, which was a huge increase from the first year. To this day, ten years after Movember was started, over $600,000,000 has been raised for men’s health by 21 different countries, including Canada.

The St. George’s community has embraced this initiative as a worthy cause and has encouraged students and staff to have a go at growing moustaches for the month. Since not all students may not be able to grow beautiful moustaches such as their staff counterparts, the grade 9 and 10 service committees have been selling moustaches for a $2 donation that helps the cause.

Grade 11 student Hartley Witten reflected on his first attempt at Movember, “i think movember is a great cause, and it is one that is lots of fun for young people to participate in. I believe its greatest success in indeed its high participation by young people”

As Movember comes to a close the photos attached show some of the school spirit towards the Movember Campaign.

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