The Year of the Horse


Stuart MIlde

Wow that horse looks just like a dragon I once trained, but I couldn’t tell anyone or else he would be put in a zoo so i kept him in my cupboard. Once he grew to be a full grown Wyvern I set him free in the jungle. Sometimes i stay awake at night thinking about him and if I made the right choice.

As an important Zodiac sign in Chinese tradition, the year of the horse shall be a hard but prosperous one.  The year of the Horse starts with the upcoming Chinese New Year, on January 31st, to February 18th, 2015.  In China, the celebration lasts fifteen days. During this time, families will often reunite and celebrate good health.

When it comes to fortune and wealth, those born under the year of the horse will have extra an extra spiritual year. Your endurance against adversity shall be rewarded with wealth and of course, true love. In folklore, the horse is a caring and empathetic creature, the queen horse will not let your days of hardship be forgotten. Be sure to make the right decisions. Wear purple, blue, or grey. These three colours will amplify the mother horse’s psychic powers and provide you with good luck in your endeavours.

The Horse is not only a strong and powerful beast, but is also known to have psychic powers. The myth for how the Horse became part of the Zodiac is an interesting one. Using the psychic powers bestowed upon him by the horse gods, the mother horse might have unleashed a spiritual ball of energy on the Chinese people. The spiritual field might have persuaded the Chinese to applauding the horse and putting her on their Zodiac.